Friday, June 1, 2012

'no' performance art by amir zainorin
Saturday 27th may 2012
the performance started from 10 am to 5 pm in different locations in copenhagen.

text from the invitation

no connection, no ego, no credit, no crap, no war, no brutality, no hypocrisy,  no unnecessary death, no brownies, no satisfaction, no admission, no choice, no foreigner, no prejudice, no deal, no shopping, no debt, no hope, no problem, no holiday, no junk food, no shitty drugs, no shit, no education, no mercy, no ****, no voice, no comment, no dickheads, no kidding, no end.....

this will be among the themes for my unorganized, unplanned ( ok maybe a little bit), uninstitutionalized, highly....whats the word...ambition - haha.., self proclaim professionalism, low budget self organized event. all for the love of arts and humanity.

i have been asked this question before, what do you expect from doing this and what do you want to be famous and makes lots of money!!
to be honest i dont really know how to answer this.....and actually i dont give a bloody ****....the time is short...who knows what will happen the wise young man Lukas Graham said....just enjoy the journey.

the whore and dildo house istedgade, the immigration office copenhagen, the graveyard roskildevej, Folketinget @the parliment copenhagen, the police headquarters cph, the royal academy cph, statens museum cph, one of the banks in cph, kastrup airport, mc donalds...among some of the places.

photos by Maher Khatib