Monday, May 26, 2014

Dear Helle - Solo exhibition at Immigrant Museum Denmark


‘Dear Helle’ is the title of Amir Zainorin’s solo exhibition at the Immigrant Museum in Farum, Denmark.
Helle or her full name,  Helle Thorning-Schmid is the Prime Minister of Denmark, a political leader for people of different background and cultures.

In this exhibition, Amir made an installation with two big portraits of Helle, one is a portrait of the Prime Minister by herself and the one is the famous ‘ selfie’ portrait of her together with American President Obama and the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameroun.  

This installation is made of only postcards and pins, which are installed straight to the museum wall.  Prior to the installation, Amir has been collecting postcards from the public with messages addressed to Helle. The people who took part were asked to write about anything that was on their mind. They came from different backgrounds such as the immigrants, asylum seekers and school children.

Amir has used over 2500 pins and about 2000 pieces of postcards for this installation. He said that he likes the fact that the work is there for only a period of time. It gives this notion of things being ‘temporary’, that everything in this world does not last forever, like a man, a building, an empire or like art itself. 

The exhibition can be viewed at the Immigrant Museum, Farum Denmark from May 15 – August 29 2014. 
During the course of the exhibition, the public is invited to write postcards to Helle and stick them to the museum wall. At the end of the exhibition period, Amir will personally delivered the written postcards to her.