Friday, January 15, 2010

An artist abroad

Living and working in Denmark now, Amir was back to visit his old haunts in KL for a few months. But not content to sit and do nothing, he started work on an installation called Art, Politics and Power at the National Art Gallery, represented by a wall filled by makeshift flags, mostly created from bits of newspapers and satay skewers.
Sporting the mandatory Bohemian ponytail, Amir comes across as a fairly likeable person - always grinning, with a youthful, early 20s look and attitude that belies his 42 years, his sparse frame clad in a brand new white T-shirt.
"I get kicked and I get a kick out of it! I can be me, that's the closest thing I get to being myself, being honest to what I'm doing," says Amir, explaining his reasons for becoming an artist.
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