Friday, January 21, 2011

generous gestures - den frie contemporary art copenhagen

Generous Gestures

- a festival focusing on the intercultural art scene in Denmark.

As something new, you can experience no less than 2 festivals in Den Frie Centre of
Contemporary Art in 2011. The first in line, Generous Gestures, is an exhibition event which
hides under its title a pressing need to discuss the lack of focus on issues such as
interculturalism, xenophobia and Danishness. During the 10-day exhibition, a series of public art
events will be taking place such as performances, talks, study groups, lectures, filmscreenings
and an artist kitchen.

The exhibition has been produced by 25 artists with different national and cultural backgrounds
who all have in common that they are artists living in Denmark and that they in the past year
have participated in the Danish Arts Agency’s Intercultural Mentor Program, which aims to
discuss the issue of interculturalism and the underrepresentation of intercultural artistic
practices in Denmark. Their works contribute, both politically and aesthetically, to the
discussion on contemporary art today, an area in which the players reflect the Danish society's
transition from a homogeneous to a multicultural society.

Generous Gestures is facilitated by Tijana Miskovic and Jane Jin Kaisen, who feel that their
efforts and interest in interculturalism in Denmark must be seen in conjunction with a broader
artistic, social and cultural understanding of what the National is, who society's "other" is and
what - at a given point in time - is considered a cultural, historical and aesthetic part of the
cultural heritage and how we understand the evolution of culture and society in general.

Participating artists:
Amir Zainorin, Andreas Olesen, Anne Bennike, Charlotte Haslund-Christensen, David Ramirez,
Giuditta R, Juan Hein, Kristine Agergaard, Maher Khatib, Mahmoud Alibadi, Maj Hasager, Marcelo
Lerer, Mette Kit Jensen, Michelle Eistrup, Nikolaj Kilsmark, Nynne Haugaard, Parul Modha, Rick
Towle, Samaira Ali, Søren Dahlgaard, Thierry Geoffroy and Thomas Bjørkå.

Further information and background for the exhibition events website Initial State of Limbo: or contact Tijana Miskovic +45 6062366

For yderligere information kontakt pressekoordinator Kit Leunbach på eller på 33 12 28 03.

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