Saturday, September 20, 2014

A refugee crosses his tracks

Title Project/Performance Art: ‘ A refugee crosses his tracks’.

Location: To be performed during the opening day of Land Art Exhibition.
Rolling a round bale of hay from a farm to the the exhibition space Thingbæk Limestone Mines Communication Centre.

‘ A refugee crosses his tracks’ is an art performance inspired by the Norwegian/Danish author Axel Sandemose’s novel called ‘A refugee crosses his tracks’. The novel describes a village life where social and moral standards are dictated by the Jantelaw. The law among other states that, you’re not to think that you are anything special, as good or better as we are.

This performance addresses movement, migration, crossing boundaries or tracks to fit in and integrate.

The wheel of hay is also a symbol of the wheel of life. Where does it takes us? And do we dare to break out of the boundaries where we feel safe and blend in with the crowd? The wheel of life is not easy to push. The act of rolling the hay in a small town in Jutland is symbolic to my life journey, and attempts to fit into new surrounding. As an immigrant living in a new country and also a person that is used to the city life, I still feel like an outsider in many cases.

photo credit: Viel Andersen and Jette Noyes

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