Wednesday, September 2, 2009

back to zero

my email address was hacked last couple of weeks. so i had to closed my account and my blog. but this will be my new blog. for a start and since malaysia, the country i was born in just celebrated it s independence day on 31st august, i attached one of my works that was inspired by this celebrated pic of the first prime minister of malaysia, tunku abdul rahman.


  1. siannya kat you..all the effort done for your previous blog ilang..i hope and pray i tak kena macm tu..banyak kenangan dlm blog ni

  2. hanim, dah nasib...i ni kadang kadang naive sikit...senang sangat percaya kat orang, tapi tak pa. selagi ada nyawa, selagi tulah i akan teruskan perjuangan:)

    by the way hanim, what are doing in japan?