Tuesday, September 29, 2009

interview-space 16 online gallery

I grew up in an environment of popular culture. Watching Walt Disney, the Lone Ranger, Six Million Dollar Man, Superman, to mention a few. My father was a singer in a
Ghazal (Band) back in the 60's, so music has also been a big part of my life.

*The Dance, 170cm x 120cm, digital c print on paper, 2009
Image courtesy of A. Zainorin

[*MORE... Malaysian typical dances on YouTube

One of the main inspirations of making collage is because of its simplicity and the idea that you don’t necessarily have to buy paints or colors to make art.

Can you discuss your process in general? How does it all start, what techniques and materials do you use?

I have worked with many different materials. I first started with oil, and later on switched to acrylic and at the same time started to make collage and assemblage from objects I found from the street.

did this interview with sand t of space 16 online gallery recently.

check this link please..

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