Wednesday, May 2, 2012

post card to george

The work 'Postcard to George' is part of the post card series i made. It deals with the space in which we communicate and the global economic crisis we are experiencing. The image George Washington was copied from the USD paper currency. The work is done with postcards collected from different places such as restaurants and culture houses in Denmark, given for free. Not so long ago we had to pay money for these postcards, but due to a faster and more reliable system of communicating such as e-card, these postcards seems to be a 'thing of the past' and now used as a form of advertisement or propaganda.

The postcards are pinned straight onto the wall and the rest of the postcards is left lying on the floor. This gives the work a mortality or temporary status in which it occupies the space for only a period of time, just like a system, an empire or a person, George . After some time they are remembered in history books, on paper currencies, posters, stamps or on a postcard.

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